THE victims’ commissioner was ‘blown away by the depth of information’ that has been collated to provide better support for victims of stalking and attempts to reform the behaviour of offenders.

Baroness Helen Newlove, who stepped up to the role after her husband Garry was brutally murdered outside their home in Fearnhead in 2007, visited Warrington’s integrated anti-stalking unit on Friday in a bid to ensure victims receive the support they need.

“The main issue is to understand what stalking is – even some victims don’t realise they are being stalked because there is harassment and then there is stalking,” said Mrs Newlove, who hopes to return to the base in the near future to further her understanding. 

“There is no proper definition of stalking.

“I don’t want to see anyone lose their life or their future being taken over by crime.

“We have got to get in there and make it better for them and to do that we need a better understanding.”

When it opened last summer, the unit was the first of its kind in the north west, bringing together police officers, charity workers, and mental health staff.

Mrs Newlove outlined how units such as this need to be funded properly to ensure victims are supported.

She added: “Knowledge is power but we need to use this power in the right way to make society safe.”