TWO friends at a Winwick care home spent three months knitting a 10ft blanket to help the homeless in Warrington as temperatures continue to plummet.

Joyce Abrehart, 85, and Mary Jeffrey, 88, who live at brighterkind’s St Oswalds House Care Home on Golborne Road, have donated the patchwork creation to Room at the Inn and The Y Project.

But the women decided to go the extra mile by collecting other blankets and essential toiletries from generous residents and their families.

Joyce was the mastermind behind the project.

As a keen knitter, she wanted to do something to help the community where she lives and put a smile on their faces.

She enlisted the help of her friend and Mary, who has continued to knit despite losing her sight.

The two women spent more than three months knitting the colourful patchwork squares before Joyce sewed each piece together into a blanket.

The friends then visited the Room at the Inn and The Y Project to hand over the carefully-crafted blanket and other gifts to centre manager Susan Blyth, who was thrilled by the donations.

As a thank you for their hard work, Susan presented Joyce and Mary with a certificate to recognise their efforts.

When the women handed over the blanket, Susan asked if they were sure about their decision to hand over their creation as it was so beautiful.

Joyce said: “I did it for love because we wouldn’t want to be out and alone on the streets.”

Cheryl Byrne, deputy manager at St Oswalds House Care Home, was full of praise for their efforts, describing the project as a ‘wonderful idea’.

Room at the Inn and The Y Project provides daytime services and night shelter for the homeless.