A MAN was charged with rape after a woman was allegedly attacked in a tent at this year’s Creamfields festival, a new report has revealed.

The findings, which were published by Cheshire Police and presented to Halton Borough Council’s regulatory committee on Wednesday, revealed that a man, from London, is on remand awaiting trial after the allegation was made by the victim.

In the report, it praised the ‘excellent' work by officers to identify the suspect.

The report also revealed that how police were alerted to another alleged sexual assault in a toilet.

More than 1,000 people were dealt with for possession of drugs and kicked out of the site in 2018.

But the report went on to add there were no 'significant public disorder or violence issues' at last year’s Creamfields.

Inspector Mark Gammage, who produced the report, said there were 'sufficient control measures' in place to respond to security or police-related concerns.

Figures showed that the number of violent, sexual and drug-related offences had reduced last year compared to 2017.

In 2017, there were four reports of sexual offences compared to two last year, and 22 violent offences compared to 13 the year before.

But the report said a drop in the number of drug offences ‘was expected’ because police officers were not conducting ‘intimate searches’ unlike the previous year.

As a result of this, anyone who concealed drugs either in their underwear or internally, were 'unlikely to have been detected'.

Inspector Gammage also noted a considerable reduction in the number of drugs voluntarily surrendered in amnesty bins in operation at the site.

He said: "Creamfields 2018 saw a 36 per cent decrease in overall recorded crime when compared with 2017 figures.

“Despite the reduction in policing numbers, and the fact that intimate searches were not being carried out, the number of offenders found with substantial quantities of class A drugs (possession with intent to supply) highlights the unfortunate fact that Creamfields still attracts a lot of people who wish to take and sell illegal drugs whilst at the festival.”

Creamfields is one of the UK’s most popular dance festivals, attracting just under 70,000 music-lovers each year.

Creamfields has been contacted for comment.