THREE men masquerading as plain-clothed police officers have targeted the home of unsuspecting pensioners.

Detectives are urging the elderly community to be extra vigilant following the burglaries.

On both occasions the men told the victims they were plain-clothed officers and that a burglary had either taken place at their home or a burglar was currently in their home.

The men, all wearing ski masks, then entered the house and threatened the people inside before stealing money.

The first aggravated burglary took place at 8.45pm on January 4 at a house on Weir Street in Walton. 

Three men knocked on the 72-year-old woman’s door and ransacked her home taking money from the house.

The second aggravated burglary took place at 8.20pm on January 9at a house on Clapgates Crescent in Bewsey.

The men entered the house and threatened a 74-year-old man before taking a quantity of cash.

Detective sergeant Tom Hall said: “We believe both of these incidents to be linked and are doing everything we can to find those responsible.

“I want to urge residents, in particular the elderly community, to be extra vigilant and for family and friends to take extra care of those who are most vulnerable.

“A police officer dressed in plain clothing will always carry a form of identification and I would advise people to ask for proof of ID before letting anyone into their home.

“If you think you may have seen a group of men wearing ski masks who appeared to be acting suspiciously please do come forward by calling 101.”

Call Cheshire Police on 101, quoting IML 290674 for the Clap Gates Crescent burglary and IML 286657 for the Weir Street burglary or visit