A JURY in gangland murder trial will continue its deliberations for a third day tomorrow, Friday.

Mark Fellows, from Orford, is accused of gunning down and killing ‘underworld Mr Big’ Paul Massey and ‘mob fixer’ John Kinsella.

The 38-year-old, of Sandy Lane West, allegedly gunned down Mr Kinsella as he was walking his dogs near to junction seven of the M62 at Rainhill before firing shots at his pregnant partner Wendy Owen.

Nearly three years earlier he had assassinated Mr Massey outside his home in Salford with a submachine gun, the prosecution say.

Today, Thursday, a trial at Liverpool Crown Court continued into its 22nd day – having first begun in late November.

Fellows denies two counts of murder and one of attempted murder.

Thirty-six-year-old Heywood man Steven Boyle, who allegedly acted as a ‘spotter’ for the killings, denies the same charges.

Yesterday morning, Wednesday, the jury in the case retired to consider its verdict.

But no conclusion has yet been reached after around 12 hours of deliberations.

Mr Massey and Mr Kinsella were associated with a Salford gang known as the A Team, with the latter carrying the former’s coffin at his funeral.

It is said that the defendants were part of a splinter faction of the group.

The trial continues – with the jury regrouping at 9.30am tomorrow, Friday.