MUCH-NEEDED repairs to surface of The Forge car park in Stockton Heath are set to be carried out.

Chris Elliott, who lives yards from the site, called on the council to give it a ‘facelift’ almost two years ago.

But he has issued a fresh plea after growing increasingly frustrated with the condition of the car park.

The popular site is free for up to 15 minutes, £1 for up to three hours and £2 for more than three hours during the charging period, which runs from 9am to 3pm Monday to Saturday.

Mr Elliott said: “This car park has been in a poor state for a few years now – nothing has been done and we have no improvement, just previous promises that something will be done.

“Yet the council continue to take the fees for parking on The Forge and invest elsewhere in the borough, for example town centre car parking or road improvements outside of Stockton Heath.

“Please can we get something done, as it really is unacceptable and is becoming a big hazard for both local and remote users who use this car park?

“The yellow lines and road markings also remain wrongly implemented and why this happened in the first place is still a complete mystery.”

The council, which says the site is subject to regular inspections, confirmed surface repairs are due to begin.

“We are currently looking at a number of options to improve The Forge car park, including improvements to the layout, drainage, lighting, surface and public walkways,” said a spokesman.

“Topographical, drainage and surface condition surveys have been completed to help understand the potential funding requirements.

“However, as with many other local authorities, we continue to face financial challenges so any future improvements to the car park will be closely scrutinised and a robust business case will be required.

“During the last year, repairs to lighting, perimeter fencing and potholes have been carried out.

“However, we recognise that there are large areas of the car park that require more than minor patching work.

“Therefore, a contractor has been commissioned to carry out repairs to the surface on both the upper and lower levels of the car park, as well as the ramp between the two levels.

“This work will commence early in the new year and will be completed over three Sundays.”

The council also insists income from parking fees ‘goes back into’ managing and operating the car park.

The spokesman added: “Any generated surplus is reinvested, in accordance with legislation, in transport-related projects in Stockton Heath and the wider borough.

“These projects range from large schemes to more localised improvements, such as street lighting upgrades and footway, signing and lining improvements.”