WHETHER it was their first job, the place where they bought their first record or it was where they met their future husband, readers have been sharing some fond memories of their time at Woolworths.

The home of Pick 'n' Mix on Sankey Street closed its doors in January 2009 after the company was laden with debt.

Woolworths, or Woolies as it was more often affectionately known, was the home of everything from toys to kitchen and dining equipment, gardening supplies and sweet treats and was one of the country's oldest chains.

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Store closures across the country left 27,000 out of a job at the start of 2009 and 815 empty stores on the high street.

Ten years on Warrington's shop is now home to Poundland but plenty of people on our social media pages remembered working at the Woolies store.

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Diane Gandy added: "We didn't open on the official last day thanks to our manager Simon.

"It was difficult enough working through the closure and seeing the shop empty so keeping the shop shut on a very emotional day meant a lot to us.

"Plus the remaining stock had been sold to the pound shops.

"We did get interviewed by Channel 4 on that day.

"It was a great place to work and a great bunch of staff."


A note in the window of the Warrington store the day it closed

Shirley Ann Lightfoot added: "I remember taking the school choir into Woolworth to sing for the late night shoppers. Great memories."

Vicky Brizell said: "I remember going in to spend my pocket money as a kid and always coming out with pick 'n' mix.... plus a few eaten while there."

Helen O'Neill Nash added; "As a gothic punk in the 80s, every time I stepped in there I would be accompanied by security.

"Funny as I never was a shoplifter - more likely the well dressed little old lady was nicking everything in sight."

Jean Chadwick said: "I loved the family and friends night before Christmas.

"There were sweets for the kids and a buffet with sparkling wine for the adults."

Tracey Bennion said: "My next door neighbours are still sending Woolworths Christmas cards!"