RESIDENTS of a retirement village in Orford say they have been left cold over the Christmas period due to central heating problems in the complex.

Ryfields Retirement Village lost its heating briefly on Thursday, December 20, but has been experiencing ongoing issues since.

While the central heating was initially down for only 12 hours, problems with water pressure have persisted since - causing low temperatures for dozens of elderly residents.

Maureen Morgan, who has lived in Ryfields since it first opened in 2002, claimed that this was not the first time that the Arena Gardens retirement village had been affected by heating problems.

The 77-year-old said: “It’s absolutely ridiculous, and nobody is bothered.

“People are cold, especially in this weather - it was minus two when I got up the other morning.

“It’s happening every winter, and they won’t fix it.

“I’m in a wheelchair and I’ve got multiple sclerosis, so I could really do without this cold.”

Your Housing, which runs Ryfields Retirement Village, said that repair works were due to be completed on Monday, January 7, and that the temperature in the complex had not dropped below 63 degrees Fahrenheit at any point.

A spokesman said: “There was a temporary heating loss before Christmas for around 12 hours, but not since then.

“Maintenance have been on-site and have resolved the issue, whereby a pump was tripping out.

“On a further visit on Christmas Eve, we found the temperature of the primary circuit for these flats was too low.

“Follow-on works are going to be completed today, Monday, after the engineer has fixed a leak that has been reported today that needs resolving first.”