A CARIBBEAN takeaway has launched in Warrington offering an authentic taste of Jamaica.

Pixi's Caribbean Flavas has opened in Bridge Street and is run by Pixi Bynloss, who was born in Jamaica in Westmoreland Parish and grew up in Montego Bay.

The 42-year-old has lived in Warrington for around 15 years and was inspired to turn her passion for food into a business by her two sons, Junior and Matteo.

She said: "At Pixi's we are all about creativity. Our aim is to combine various ingredients to make exceptional Jamaican food for our customers.

"Our three most popular dishes at the moment are jerk chicken, curried goat and oxtail. We also do other dishes such as curry chicken, brown stew chicken and ackee and salt fish – the national dish of Jamaica.

"Our Jamaican dinners are served with either rice and peas, which is the most popular side at the moment, or they can have it with soul food, island chips or dumplings. Our island chips have a special and distinct taste using our own mix of spices to make chips tastier."

Pixi's love of food came from her mum Nora's home-cooked dishes and helping her out in the kitchen from a young age.

She added: "I originally started cooking when I was just seven. I had a lot responsibility from a very young age and I had to quickly learn to how to help out my mother in the kitchen as we had quite a big family.

"I was the oldest child out of my mother’s children and I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to cook with my mother as she is an exceptional cook.

"I learnt a lot of skills from her and over time I was able to use those skills and combine them with my own creativity to create my own unique dishes here at Pixi’s Caribbean Flavas."

In the UK, Pixi started off just cooking for family and friends before she realised there was a demand and built up the confidence to see it through.

She said: "Over time we kept thinking Warrington needed something different and I was keen and excited to share my dishes with the people of the town.

"I’m so happy I decided to go for it and follow my dream. The customer feedback I have received so far is amazing and it only inspires me more to keep cooking and keep providing excellent food and service to customers.

"My two sons also play big roles in helping the business to grow and run smoothly, particularly my older son Junior who deals with a broad range of things with the business.

"For people that are new to tasting Caribbean food, I would say go for it and give it a try and let us surprise and amaze you with our 'flavas'.

"We also have a sitting in area where customers can chill, relax and enjoy the Jamaican reggae music in the background while eating or waiting for their food."

Pixi's Caribbean Flavas is open in Bridge Street from Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 9pm and on Sunday until 8pm. Deliveries are available after 5pm. Visit pixisflavas.co.uk