THE intimate Studio Theatre at Warrington’s Pyramid arts centre seats just 200 people.

But once a year it becomes a truly international venue when an otherwise unassuming concert attracts people from all corners of the globe. Thelwall’s own Peter Price, renowned for his mastery of the acoustic guitar, is astonished by the following he has built up since launching the show about five years ago and told Weekend that many of his regulars have become friends.

Peter, who will also be celebrating his 60th birthday at the gig on Saturday, said: “I travel quite a lot throughout the year and it’s nice to be home at Christmas.

“What’s also nice is a lot of people come from all over the UK and Europe to the gig.

“There’s a contingent coming from Scotland and Ireland and over the years I’ve had people from Norway and Spain.

“I think there are 12 Italians coming this year and there’s even a woman from Moscow who has been for the past two years. I am humbled by it. It’s incredible that they come over to Warrington to see me.

“To play in my hometown is fantastic. It’s a show that has consistently sold out for the past four or five years and I always have a great audience. It’s a lovely one to play. I’m proud of the welcome that the people from my hometown give to these international travellers.

“When I see these people from Italy and Norway, they always tell me how much they were welcomed in the town and pubs afterwards.

“There’s a good atmosphere both before and after the gig.”

Acoustic blues player Peter is particularly well known on the Irish festival scene. He goes there about four times a year to play at the likes of the Rory Gallagher International Festival in Donegal and he is also a frequent visitor to Italy and Norway with his guitar.

From that, a dedicated following has emerged.

Peter added: “People normally see me for the first time either in their own countries or when they’ve been at festivals and if they are interested in seeing me again I always suggest the Pyramid because it’s my hometown – it’s a nice gig. I’m thrilled and surprised that so many people come to it though and travel quite a way.

“The atmosphere there is really good and a lot of people in the audience become friends.

“They keep in touch.

“It’s almost like an international community. Music connects people and it’s like the soundtrack to certain parts of people’s lives.

“I know that from being a musician in the north west. I’ve played in bands at weddings and parties and even funerals and you become a part of people’s lives.

“That’s one of the great things about being a musician. Sometimes you kind of wonder what your role is but in those instances you feel very valued.”

Meanwhile Peter, who will be joined on stage by Irish singer Joanne Keegan, harmonica virtuoso Clive Mellor and double bassist Russ Williams, has just released a new live album, recorded, mixed and produced by David Mather.


The series of recordings were made during live solo, duo and full band sessions in small venues across the north west including the Pyramid and Appleton Thorn Village Hall.

“I’m really pleased with that,” said Peter.

“It’s a double album of live recordings and many of which are from the Pyramid concert last year. It recorded extremely well.”

Peter knows David well as he is the band leader of The Harry Goulden Big Band who he plays with every Monday night at Pierpoint and Bryant club in Latchford.

He added: “We play the big band music of Gershwin, Glenn Miller, Count Basie and Duke Ellington.

“It’s a different thing for me and it really stretched me when I joined it. Most of these guys have been professional musicians all their working lives.

“They’re brilliant sight readers and it has really improved my knowledge of music and harmony working in this form. It’s been absolutely tremendous.”

In his youth Peter originally started playing the ukulele and mandolin before he picked up a guitar when he was 12.

Peter, who will be on stage with his trusty Gibson SJ Deluxe and Beltona resophonic, said: “When I was in my early teens I was attracted to Led Zeppelin and rock bands but I always liked the acoustic side of music.

“I kind of learnt it from classical guitar books that I got from Warrington library and picked it up from other people as well.”

Now, in a very compartmentalised music scene, Peter is pleased to craft songs that cross cultural barriers.

He added: “I’m known as an acoustic blues guy but I put some roots in and some traditional Irish and world music. I do some Latin styles with some Cuban music as well so it’s a very varied show.”

Peter Price’s Pyramid show is on Saturday. For tickets visit or call 442345. The Harry Goulden Big Band’s Christmas concert is at the Pierpoint and Bryant club on Monday


Sergio Bianco, founder of an acoustic guitar club in Florence

We first met Pete in 2009 at the Scottish guitar festival in Ullapool.

We were just mere spectators, but of course we took the contacts of the guitarists that we liked and Pete was among them.

We were struck by his profound voice, a true blues man voice, and that essential but powerful guitar style that strikes the listener in the heart.

We also liked his spontaneity and how he put us at ease. In fact, after five minutes we were already good friends.

So we decided to invite him to play in our club in Florence and it was a really good choice.

Since then a true friendship was established between us and we’ve been meeting almost every year between Tuscany and Warrington.

Pete has played for us five times and we have already attended his annual concert at Warrington's Pyramid three times.

We are really honoured to attend once again this year the concert of this great guitarist, and a true friend who interprets music as an instrument of communication that connects people, the same principles that they have always inspired our club.

Olga Vorobyova, from Moscow

I am travelling to Warrington in December to attend Peter Price' s concert because I absolutely love his playing and singing.

I saw Peter three years ago at Rory Gallagher's Music Festival in Ballyshannon and was really fascinated with his playing and singing.

It is my third time attending his concert in Warrington.

I think that Peter Price is a very talented, respected and charismatic acoustic blues guitarist.

He entertains his fans with a wide repertoire, both old and modern. I do appreciate his great musical skills.

I must add that his emotional connection with the audience is very deep. Peter creates an atmosphere of happiness and joy at his gigs.

From Russia with Love.

Ailsh Dorman, Luxembourg

I first discovered Peter Price at the Rory Gallagher Festival in Ballyshannon. I was immediately struck by his great musicianship and his extensive repertoire. I have since been following Peter on facebook and try to get to see him whenever possible.

Christer Lund, Norway

Since I first saw Peter Price in 2001, I’ve been a huge fan. Not only is he a fantastic guitar player and singer, but also a fantastic person.

His different approach to the blues and incredible finger style make him a unique player within the blues scene.

So I have seen him in several concerts both in England and other places.

Tommy Munro, Glasgow

My friends and I from Glasgow have been making the annual pilgrimage to see Peter perform for many years, and hope to be making it for many many more years to come.

We are by no means the the farthest travelled, with people coming from far and wide.

Peter is not only an extremely accomplished musician, but a superb entertainer he has a passion, and a love for his subject, which comes across in his performance.

His relaxed style delivers an intimate performance, which belies the size of the venue. His charm, personality, and humour is such that you feel as if you are sitting in his frontroom getting a personal 'audience with', while simultaneously enjoying the response of the audience, which he holds in the palm of his hands.

If you like good music, if you like wonderful entertainment, then in December there is only one place to be, and that is in Warrington for Peter Price's annual show at the Pyramid.