DOZENS have complaints have been made against a newly-opened Christmas attraction.

The Reindeer Lodge in Leeswood, near Mold in North Wales, opened at the weekend but the company has received more than 30 complaints from dissatisfied customers about the general state and condition of the park.

And now Warrington families have said they won't be making the trip despite paying £90 for family tickets after bosses have so far ignored emails and Facebook messages asking for assurances things would improve.

Fearnhead mum-of-three Gemma Antell said: "We booked this to have our Christmas picture with Santa and feeding the reindeer seemed like a nice touch too.

"But we've decided we can't take the kids there now as it looks like a building site.

"I wasn't execting a complete Lapland experience but if I wanted to just take the kids to a muddy farm in their wellies there's plenty of places near here where I can do that."

Upset parents took to social media to complain the grotto was bare and it was difficult for anyone with prams or mobility issues to get around the site.

Gemma added: "It's disappointing as I thought I was being organised booking in advance but now we'll have to find something else."

Warrington Guardian:

Entry is £12.65 for adults and £15.95 for children but co-owner Ed Brisbourne has now vowed that the park will improve and has offered unhappy customers the chance to return free of charge once the work has been completed.

He said: “We received 34 complaints which is unacceptable for us but a lot of it was because of the mud.

Warrington Guardian:

“To those who complained we have offered free tickets to for them to come back to see the lodge how it should be. We want them to leave happy.’’

Visitors to the site have complained about piles of mud, unlaid turf and the presence of JCBs.

Mr Brisbourne said: “Some work had been done at the bottom of the road by the council and they left it muddy, so when people arrived they already had muddy feet. Work is still being done, we have 15 people on site and it will be done by the weekend.”

Mr Brisbourne added: “There are people who visited over the weekend and they loved it, the kids loved it, but it’s gone downhill quite quick following the reaction on social media.

"A lot of pictures had been taken but they aren’t a true reflection on the lodge as a whole but we can understand if some people are disgruntled and not happy, hence why we have offered them the chance to return free of charge.”

Mary Davies told our sister title The Leader: “I have tickets booked to go this weekend, but having seen the pictures and the state of the place I just want my money back.

Warrington Guardian:

“Seeing piles of mud is hardly going to get my two grandchildren into the Christmas spirit, and how I’m going to get around the place as a disabled person I don’t know?’’

In response, Mr Brisbourne said: “There will be disabled parking in place by the weekend and from there they can go straight down or go on the woodland walk if they choose. It is disabled friendly.”

Customer Emma Heywood said: “We paid over £50 for two adults and two kids and for that price what we got just isn’t acceptable.

“We weren’t expecting Lapland, but neither were we planning on trawling through mud for the day, walking past people dressed as elves who were busy on their phones.’’

Some customers said they intended to complain to Flintshire Council’s Trading Standards department and the Health and Safety Executive but the HSE said no complaints had been received.

Warrington Guardian: