A WARRINGTON fundraising group is appealing for new members to help support the work of Cancer Research UK.

The Warrington Cancer Research Group began fundraising for the charity in 2015 and in the last couple of years alone have raised over £15,000 to help fund its lifesaving work.

Carolyn Wright, chairman of Warrington Cancer Research Group said: “I would like to appeal to people in Warrington to volunteer their time and join the Warrington Cancer Research Group.

“This type of fundraising is rewarding in so many ways. It is sociable and a great way to meet new people.

"Furthermore, our fundraising efforts contribute directly to helping Cancer Research UK scientists continue their research into the prevention and treatment of cancer.”

One in two people in the UK will be diagnosed with cancer at some stage in their lives but the good news is more people are surviving the disease now than ever before.

Cancer survival in the UK has doubled since the early 1970s and Cancer Research UK’s work has been at the heart of that progress.

Victoria Blackmore, Cancer Research UK’s local fundraising manager for Warrington, said: “The unflinching dedication of the Warrington Cancer Research Group to helping Cancer Research UK beat cancer sooner has helped to ensure more men, women and children in Warrington and across the UK survive the disease.

"We are incredibly grateful for their commitment to the cause and hope others will be inspired to join them.

“Cancer Research UK has made enormous progress in the fight against cancer. However, we have only been able to do this thanks to the generosity of our volunteers and supporters without whom we would not be able to fund our vital research."

For further information about Cancer Research UK’s work or to find out how to support the charity in Warrington, please contact Victoria.blackmore@cancer.org.uk