THE next council leader says a disastrous Brexit deal could cause an incredible amount of avoidable further damage on Warrington.

Campaigners and politicians made their way to the Town Hall on Saturday to welcome the 'Ditch the Deal' digital ad-van before it toured the borough.

It was organised by the We Want The Final Say campaign, a joint initiative launched by Hope not Hate and Best for Britain.

The two organisations have claimed that in depth research, which they commissioned, has revealed that both Warrington constituencies would now vote to stay in the EU.

They say the research found that Warrington North would vote 51.1 per cent to remain and Warrington South would vote 57.2 per cent to remain.

Cllr Russ Bowden (LAB – Birchwood), who is the current deputy leader and executive board member for corporate finance, will formally be elected as council leader on December 17.

He was among those in attendance to welcome the ad-van on Saturday.

"Now we know what the deal consists of, it is very clear it can’t deliver a good outcome for this country," he said.

"It must be ditched.

"I really do respect the hopes for a better future that inspired so many people to vote Leave in 2016.

"Unfortunately, those heartfelt wishes were founded on what we now know to be lies and illegality in the Leave campaign.

"In a democracy, a decision as critical as this must be brought back to the people.

"I want the best for Warrington, for its people and its businesses, now and in the future.

"Austerity is a huge challenge for the council but adding a disastrous Brexit on top of the cuts the town is already facing could cause an incredible amount of avoidable further damage.

"That's simply not fair on our town."

However, Warrington 4 Brexit campaign group is calling for the 2016 vote to be respected.

In a statement, it said: "In 2016, the UK voted to Leave the European Union.

"Warrington also voted to Leave.

"It was the biggest mandate in UK political history to take back control of the destiny of this country.

"It was a legitimate decision, made after a long debate.

"Mrs May's deal does not deliver on what people voted for and does not give back control of the important matters we voted on.

"For two years, we have suffered the endless drip, from politicians, mainstream media etc to overturn the result.

"Contempt for the Leave voter has been evident, yet we stand firm.

"We need to be free of the European Union: free to make our own global trade deals, control our borders and make our own laws.

"Our group exists to remind us that Warrington and the country voted to Leave and to ask that democracy is respected."