Karl Fitzpatrick, chief executive of Warrington Wolves, gives the latest on life at Warrington Wolves

WE were pleased with how our 2019 shirt launch was received.

We were initially disappointed that there was a leak of the new look however it probably did not do the shirt justice so when we did the official release at The Treasury Building, it was incredibly positive.

The home shirt is quite retro with links to a number of iconic former players such as Alfie Langer and Toa Kohe-Love.

While the away has more of a cooler look, with on trend olive colours which will probably appeal to a younger market.

It is hard to determine at the moment how like for like sales are going and we will have a better idea after Christmas.

But what we do know is that is it has been very well received.

In terms of how the launch went, that is the sort of look and feel we want to be associated with.

And the shoot we did with the players, it gave a look of a brand that somewhere like JD Sports might use.

That is absolutely the image we want for the sport, cool and professional.

We won Super League Club of the Year last year and it was for events and marketing such as this.

We have been able to promote ourselves in a professional way which really engages with our supporters.

We still have improvements to make, but our use of social media is also giving us the chance to engage with a new audience and promote the players and supporters.

Yet we also recognise that traditional forms of media, such as the newspaper, are still vitally important for us.

On the pitch, the players are getting back in training.

If you look at our recruitment, we have added six quality players.

As I have said before, we operate in a tough market for transfers so the new recruits have been particularly pleasing. All of them are training with us. It has been a little disruptive with so many players with England and the Knights but they are all starting to come back.

We played more than 30 games last season so it is important for the players to get the right rest.

That is a little why we will not have a festive fixture this year.

I am among the people who are itching for a bit of rugby after Christmas but it is a long season from the opener on February 2 with Leeds through to October.

That is also why there is just one main friendly with Widnes pre-season and one with Rochdale.

Finally with Christmas around the corner, a reminder our junior membership starts at £49 for every home and away game.