LAST Tuesday, November 6, I attempted to put petrol in my car at Tesco in St Helens near the stadium.

It was raining, pitch black, I was on my own and didn’t have a coat.

The pump would not accept my normal debit card for some reason.

I only had one mile left even though when I set off it said six miles so don’t know where that went as the petrol station was less than two miles away.

I was getting distressed at this point and asked the gentleman behind me if he was having trouble.

He said he had to do it twice as they were only allowing £10 – there was a tanker delivering.

At this point there was quite a queue forming and that’s when a total stranger stepped up and totally showed a random act of kindness that I can only describe at astounding.

He came over put his card in the pump and paid for £10 petrol for me.

He wouldn’t accept the cash I had on me or give me his name, just wished me a Merry Christmas and got in his car and drove away.

You may think what a good person but it was more to me than that as what he didn’t know is I live in Great Sankey, I would never have got to another petrol station or home and my daughter had gone into labour at Warrington Hospital with my first grandchild.

A random act of kindness which I think needs a mention.