AN Orford author has produced a short book of lessons he has drawn from studying war.

John Harvey Murray said the book is for all, not just generals and politicians. 

He added: "The Great War was so full of examples of how not to do all sorts of things that we should all be able to learn from it and so be victorious over many challenges in our lives.”

For some of the lessons, John has applied his training and experience in risk management gained initially while working for St Helens Council, although he says risk is something we all encounter whether in business, in government or at home.

The lessons include not looking for others to blame when things go wrong, learning to trust people around us and above all not repeating the same mistakes time after time.

John added: “I welcome all the stories about life at home and at the front that we have heard in the past few years, and the discussions of the causes of the conflict. However, nobody else seems to be talking about the lessons.

"Yet they say the main use of the past is to learn from it. I hope readers will find some lessons they can apply successfully to their own situations.”

'Be Victorious!' by John Harvey Murray is available as a paperback or an e-book published by Amazon Kindle here