A BEWSEY man says he was ‘repulsed’ after finding a maggot in food he had bought from a supermarket.

Michael Marsh bought a bag of roasted salted pistachios from the Tesco Extra on Winwick Road on Saturday, September 22.

But when the 30-year-old tucked into the £3.49 own-brand nuts later that evening, he found what he believed to be a maggot inside a pistachio shell.

He returned to the store to complain and was later given a refund and £5 voucher, but has been left dissatisfied with the supermarket giant’s response.

Michael said: “It was repulsive – you don’t want to carry on eating after seeing something like that, it ruins your whole night.

“I bagged it up, took it back to the store and told them that I was unhappy – they told me they would investigate, and eventually I got a letter with a £5 gift voucher.

“It’s not very good to find a maggot in your food and for them to only do that.

“Everyone I’ve shown these pictures to has been beside themselves.

“Some of them said they wouldn’t shop there for bar snack-type foods anymore.”

A spokesman for Tesco told the Warrington Guardian that they believed the foreign object was a moth larvae rather than a maggot, and that it ‘did not pose any food safety risks’.

They added that Tesco’s pistachios are cleaned mechanically and by hand, and that it was ‘working with suppliers to minimise issues of this nature’.

The spokesman said: “We are really sorry to hear about this incident and are grateful to Michael for returning the pistachios to our Warrington store.

“We are working with our supplier to investigate, and have arranged a refund and gesture of goodwill for Mr Marsh.”