EARLIER this week, we teamed up with Warrington Wolves to offer one lucky Wire fan a prize money cannot buy.

We asked people to channel their inner Steve Price and give us your best Grand Final team talk.

After we had narrowed the couple hundred entries down to a final four, your votes meant seven-year-old Bethany Nicholas from Dallam was victorious with this effort.

“Work hard, work together, smash the pies, it's now or never.”

Today, Bethany went down to The Halliwell Jones Stadium to claim her prize.

She watched the team's final training session ahead of tomorrow's Super League Grand Final before having breakfast with the Wire squad, including her favourite player Josh Charnley.

Furthermore, she also bagged two tickets for tomorrow's big match at Old Trafford.

Check out our photos of Bethany enjoying her day above, but below is our "best of the rest" list from the entries we had. Once again, a big thank you to everyone who took the time to take part.

Nathan Williams, Warrington: “I'm already proud of you all and you should be proud of yourselves. Now let's make them proud. Every man, every woman, every child from our great town. Let's make history.”

Matt Hopwood, Warrington: “All of our hard work comes down to this - we have 80 minutes left to go. We all know the plan, stick to it and bring it home - but above all, let’s enjoy ourselves.

“Wigan aren’t going to give this to us, this is going to be a real scrap, we know that... We have simply got to want this more! From 1 to 17 we need a performance out there. Forget last week, this is about now and these next 80 minutes.

“All the blood, sweat and tears you’ve shed for the man sitting next to you all year has been for this! The fans, they’ve got your back! You want inspiration, look up to them - they are here right now for you! The atmosphere is going to immense out there, lap it up! You’ve earned this - now let’s finish what we started and get the job done! Bring it home boys!”

Darren Gallagher, Wigan (Wire fan): "Win, lose or draw look how far we have come these last 12 months. The pride you have shown in getting to not just one but 2 finals is all down to you.

“Go out and enjoy not just for yourselves and your family and friends but too the thousands of fans who turn up each week and who are here in numbers to help you over the line once more.”

Lee Miller: Look down to your left and see that badge on your chest that’s what your playing for.. it’s more than just a football club it’s a family, make us proud and go out there and play your hearts out..

Mark Roberts, Bangor: Go and prove to all of your fans that not all superheroes wear a cape, some just have the heart of a wolf.

Mark Hamilton, Wigan: Win this lads and the pies are on me.

Daniel Murphy: Remember everyone said you couldn't do it against saints. You did. Everyone has this all wrapped up as a Wigan win, and you have no chance. Its all about there fairytale ending. Go and make it your own fairytale.

David Clarke, Padgate: The last time Warrington won this competition none of you players were born. Use those boots that you are wearing to stamp a place in the history books and be immortalised with all of the Wire fans waiting out there to see you lift the trophy. Come on the Wire!

Anthony Spiers: The next time you see your wife, your kids, the next time you pass one of our adoring fans in the street. Be able to look them straight in the eyes for them to see without any doubt you gave everything. Make them all proud, be part of making history for this great club. Regret nothing, give everything, you make your own destiny in this life and immortality awaits you on that pitch.

Leanne Smith: Remember how good it felt to beat Saints last week with all of the fans shouting and chanting our names? Remember when we nilled this exact same team in the Challenge Cup in the quarter final? Do you want that feeling again? Go out there and prove to our fans and our competitors that we aren't a team to be messed with. We have the brains, the power and the drive to succeed. We've made it to two finals this year and we may have sour memories of the Challenge Cup this year but let's make this one ours. Go and prove to everyone that today...it most definitely is, our year.

Chris Ashton, Warrington: This is your chance to go down in Warrington history for life...grab it with both hands.

Leanne Brindle, Leigh: Thank you for all your hard work this year boys. What a fantastic year we have had! Eighty minutes to go, one last push, now let’s show them all it IS our year.

Keith Phillips, Woolston: Go out and ATTACK like you did in the Challenge Cup quarter final against them. Go out and DEFEND like you did against Saints last week. Go out and put the Wembley performance behind you and stick to the GAME PLAN. Let's make history, be the best.

Niall Jones, 11: Go out there and do yourselves proud, wear the shirt with pride, enjoy every minute, what will be will be as long as you all try your best that’s all I can ask. Stick to the game plan, think carefully with decisions. Good luck to each and every one of you, let’s bring that trophy home.

Michael Fox: Good players inspire themselves. Great players inspire others.

Jamie Dewsbury, Northwich: Boys, I’m so proud of you...you have made it here against the odds...forget the old history of previous heartache in finals; it means nothing this evening - just use it as an added incentive to come off the field at full-time as Warrington Wolves’ immortals - now take that final step and make your own history for yourselves, this great club and our loyal supporters to finally be champions for the first time since 1955.

Trevor Myers, Orford: You have done really well this year lads - Challenge Cup Final and now you're here. Go out there and hold your heads up high and bring the cup back to Warrington and finish a lovely season off. You all have worked hard for it and the fans would love more than owt for us to win it for them. Wires till I die.

Chris Harrison: Go give all you have, give everything on the pitch and leave nothing in the tank, make sure the only thing you bring back into the dressing room is the trophy and your Grand Final ring.

Mark Moore: Let them mock us no more, go out and prove to everyone that yes, 2018 was our year!