IRANIAN hackers have targeted Warrington Borough Council’s website.

The committee management system (CMS) section of the authority’s website has been hit.

But other parts, including the homepage, are still working.

The council says the CMS section of the website is separate from the 'main' part of the website and that the 'core web platform' has not been affected.

Anyone trying to view the CMS area has been met with an unsettling message from a hacker under the alias Mamad Warning.

A message, which appears on the screen, adds: “We are always closer to you.

“Your identity is known to us.

“Your information is for us ;) take care.”

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The council has responded.

“The CMS contains details of all of the public-facing council reports,” said a spokesman.

“This system does not contain customer data.

“Our ICT team is investigating the issue.”

The CMS section has been taken down while council officers look into the matter.