THE opening of the revamped pool at the new Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub has been delayed by 'some time'.

As previously reported in the Warrington Guardian, construction problems mean the pool could not open as has been hoped in September.

Instead it has now been delayed by an unspecified time - meaning it could be 2019 before it is in use.

It is understood the problems relate to the plant work with the pipes underneath the pool.

Warrington Borough Council has already said it will be trying to recoup the cost of the delay from the contractors BAM.

The Great Sankey Neighbourhood Project has cost £16 million.

A spokesman for LiveWire said: "We understand our members’ frustrations with the pool delays at Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub and can only apologise on behalf of the contractors – we are equally as frustrated – but we really do appreciate people’s patience.

"We are as keen as our members are to get the pool up and running as quickly as we can, but we recognise the need to ensure that the facility is fit for purpose prior to opening.

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"We are pushing hard for answers relating to the pool and when it will be available for member use but unfortunately this matter is very much outside of our control.

"Warrington Borough Council is in regular contact with the contractor, BAM, to get the matter resolved and we’re hopeful there will be further information available on likely timeframes for opening over the next few weeks.

"What we do know is that the work required will mean the pool opening will be delayed by some time.

"When completed, we will have a world class facility – and it’s important to everyone involved that we do not compromise on the standards we all want and expect for Great Sankey Neighbourhood Hub."

However the sports hall is now open and a new catering partner is set to be announced soon.

The spokesman added: "We are pleased to be able to say that the Sports Hall is now open, as well as the new conference space and informal meeting pods.

"We also hope to be able to announce a new catering partner soon, and preparations of the new Garden Spa are also progressing really well.

"As soon as we are able to confirm anything more, we will be advising our members."


When the pool originally closed in August 2016, work was expected to take a year to complete.

However in summer 2017 it was confirmed the pool would not be open until the rest of the hub in early 2018.

Some of the hub, including the library and gym facilities, opened in early 2018 but the pool was delayed - with bosses hoping to open in August/September.

However last month, bosses announced a further delay.

Now they said they delay will be for 'some time' - casting doubts as to whether it will reopen in 2018.