THE last time The Wire became champions was May 1955.

Incredibly, it is 63 years since Warrington lifted the top trophy at the end of the season.

So from Winston Churchill to Rowan Atkinson and Steve Ovett to fish fingers, here are some noteworthy moments from 1955.

Famous Events:

5 April – Winston Churchill resigns as Prime Minister due to ill-health at the age of 80

17 July – Stirling Moss becomes the first English winner of the British Grand Prix at Aintree Motor Racing Circuit


Sterling Moss

First Birds Eye Fish Fingers went on sale

ITV was launched

First British female news reader


Rowan Atkinson, comedian and actor

Dale Winton, broadcast presenter

Timmy Mallett, television presenter

Philip Hammond, Chancellor of the Exchequer


Ian Botham – cricketer

Alan Hansen – footballer

Steve Ovett – athlete

No 1 Song:

Eddie Calvert - "Cherry Pink (and Apple Blossom White)"

Average Prices:

Average house price - £1,900 (£46,930 in today's money, 76% lower than todays average)

Average salary - £434 (£10,728 in today's money, 61% lower)

Average car price £700 (£17,290 in today's money, %18 lower)

Litre of fuel price – 5p (£1.23 in today's money, 19% higher)

Average grocery shop – 82p (£20,15 in today's money, 48% higher)