A POTENTIAL fraudster posing as a Warrington Borough Council officer tried to gain the bank details of a Latchford resident.

Warrington Trading Standards are warning residents to be on their guard following a call at 5pm last Friday, September 7.

The caller was described as a well-spoken, polite, male, with a northern lilt who said he was from Warrington Borough Council.

He claimed that a computer error had resulted in the resident paying too much council tax.

Council chiefs say the caller checked the resident’s identity and asked for his date of birth and referred to him by a similar sounding but incorrect surname.

The resident provided his date of birth and corrected the surname.

He was told that a computer mistake meant the council owed £127 and that he could arrange immediate payment straight back into the victim's bank account and requested the debit card number.

The resident became suspicious and suggested a cheque could be sent instead.

He then asked the caller for his name and council extension number so that he could ring the council and ask to be reconnected to him for verification.

The fraudster then hung up.

A spokesman said: "Warrington Borough Council can confirm that this call was not from them and urge residents to be on their guard regarding calls from anyone attempting to gain bank details."

  • Any similar incidents can be reported to Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 03454 040 0506 or Action Fraud actionfraud.police.uk.