CAMPAIGNERS who have slammed a developer's 'misleading information' hope 'common sense will prevail' after a public inquiry into proposals for Peel Hall closed.

The appeal against the council's decision to refuse a masterplan for 1,200 homes on the site was officially closed in writing on Monday.

During the inquiry, which started in April, planning inspector Richard Schofield heard evidence from the council, applicant Satnam and residents.

Campaigner Wendy Johnson-Taylor said: "The inquiry opened in April and it was originally listed for ten days, but due to serious doubts cast over Satnam's submissions, the inquiry has run for a whacking 113 days.

"As the inquiry closed these doubts still remain.

"This hearing has bent over backwards to allow Satnam extra time to provide clarity on a catalogue of significant issues and it appears that it has failed to get its act together.

"What a waste of taxpayers' money and council resources."

Campaigners fear the development could result in 'unacceptable impacts' on public health, highway safety and sustainability.

However, they remain 'very optimistic' that the inquiry has swayed in their favour.

Ste Dodd said: "We hope that common sense will guide the outcome of the travesty Satnam called an appeal.

"It was obvious to all that Satnam's slight of hand was more than a running theme throughout the whole of its failed conjuring trick.

"The appeal was constantly being presented with outdated, obsolete and misleading information."

Fellow campaigner Jon Parr firmly believes Mr Schofield has 'little option' but to recommend refusal, while Dave Sawyer labelled the plan as 'shambolic'.

He added: "Residents must be left in peace to get on with their lives safe in the knowledge that this development is never going to happen."

Mr Schofield will submit his recommendation to James Brokenshire, secretary of state for housing, communities and local government, before a decision is announced.

Campaigners believe a decision could take 'several months'.

Satnam did not wish to comment.