PLANS to demolish a vicarage and build a nine-storey apartment block have been withdrawn.

Presscredit Ltd had submitted a planning application proposing the demolition of the vicarage, on Palmyra Square North, and construction of 34 apartments.

The application was withdrawn following discussions between the council and the application agent.

The decision came after a senior planning officer said the council 'would welcome the opportunity, as part of a pre-application process, to undertake further discussions with your client as to how the site may be best developed'.

The heritage statement confirmed the proposal was to demolish the vicarage and replace it with a 'larger scale, contemporary building, more in keeping with this part of the conservation area'.

It added: "An assessment of the proposal has revealed that its design will respond positively to the size and scale of the adjoining buildings and will add a contemporary style area.

"The proposals provide an opportunity to enhance the setting of the conservation area, through their response to the adjacent contemporary development and their size and scale.

"The scheme also conforms to heritage planning policies set out in the Warrington core strategy.

"In the specific context of conserving the historic environment, the proposals will help both sustain and enhance the local historic built environment."