SMILING with a cheeky glint in his eye – these cherished photographs epitomise the young boy who grew up to make his parents proud beyond belief.

This is how the parents of Danny Parr will remember their youngest child, who was ‘generous to a fault’.

Following his sudden death on July 8, his parents Phil, 54, and Carol, 58, have opened up their family photo album, sharing pictures of the many priceless moments they shared.

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His dad Phil said: “His face always used to light up – that’s how we will remember him.

“He was fun-loving, had a wicked sense of humour and loved the banter.

“He was generous to a fault – especially with his nephew who he adored.”

Warrington Guardian:

PICTURED: Danny Parr, far right, with his family at his sister's wedding

Dan, known to many of his friends as Parro, grew up in Longbarn alongside his older siblings Vicky, 37, and Mike, 29.

The former Padgate High School pupil was sports-mad from as young as his parents can remember.

He later went on to study sports science in between watching his beloved Manchester United and Saints.

Dan, who moved to Latchford last year, could turn his hand to pretty much anything.

He later worked alongside his dad at XPO in Woolston before moving on to Travis Perkins at Omega.

Phil said: “He became the youngest manager at XPO – he did really well.

“It was the best period of my working life when Dan was there.

“It’s a substantial building so I wouldn’t bump into him all the time but it was a special moment when I would see him and he would crack a smile. 

“It was phenomenal how quickly he progressed. 

“When he first started we used to bike in but he would be flying along and I would be telling him to slow down so I could keep up.”

These cherished moments together are helping to give the family some comfort as they come to terms with his death at the age of 27.

“We start talking and we are full of enthusiasm and joy for things he did then it just hits you,” said Phil.

“We are so humbled and proud of just how many people’s lives Dan has touched.

“We would just like to thank everyone for their unbelievable support and generosity.”

Warrington Guardian:

PICTURED: Danny Parr was famous among his friends for 'The Parro Salute'. His friends gathered at sunset to remember him

To keep Dan’s legacy alive, his friends have organised a walk from his parents’ house to Old Trafford on Friday to raise money for MIND – a charity that supports people with mental health issues. 

“The things they are doing and their compassion for the situation has been amazing,” said Phil.

“It was his friends’ idea – they wanted to raise money for us to pay for the funeral or if we wanted a trip away.

“There is a stigma around mental illness. We did not see Dan as somebody who was depressed or struggling – we saw a smiling boy.

“I can’t remember who first mentioned MIND but the fact of the matter is we know how he died and that doesn’t happen naturally. 

“There must have been some sort of trigger.”

Dan’s family have bravely shared their heartache in the hope that it will start a wider conversation about mental health issues, which are difficult to detect in so many people. 

“I’m struggling to come to terms with it as a parent,” said Phil.

“If your child lost their life in these circumstances then you look inwardly and go ‘what did we miss, what didn’t I do, what should we have done differently’. 

“I have looked though WhatsApp messages from the past two years to see if there is something where I should have gone ‘hang on a minute’.

“No-one wears a T-shirt saying ‘I’m depressed’.

“The danger is you latch on to a particular subject that you think was a driver and you could end up being very wrong.”

But while his life was cut short in tragic circumstances, his mum hopes everyone will remember her little boy for his selfless nature and infectious laugher that touched the lives of so many.

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