FRESH meat and fish are among the contraband items being smuggled into Thorn Cross prison.

Inmates at HMP Thorn Cross have had liver, vegetables and rib-eye steaks delivered, according to the prison's independent monitoring board.

In the report into the category D prison, it outline how contraband continued to be 'problematic'.

"In the reporting year there have been incidences of mobile phones, sim cards, phone chargers, NPS (new psychoactive substances) and other substances and even fresh meat and fish," it said.

"Items found through searches and cell searches are high value currency items and it is important that prevention on entering the establishment is paramount and use and uptake of the contraband is impossible."

John Schofield, chairman of the board, told The Times: "It is food in pre-packed containers from supermarkets.

"Last week there was a holdall of meat, liver and vodka."

The report added there was an increasing use of cannabis at the jail, but that the increased availability of NPS in the country had not been reflected in the prison population.

But this is not the first time the prison on Arley Road has hit the headlines in recent weeks.

Last week, it was revealed the Government had made a u-turn on plans to house sex offenders at the open prison which was just yards away from Appleton Thorn Primary School.

The news came after a petition, organised by the Warrington Guardian, gained more than 4,000 signatures from outraged residents.