I WONDER if something is awry when it comes to planning in south Warrington.

A year ago I remember attending meetings on the local plan and how it would affect the town.

We were told the draft would be out this summer. Now I read it might be the end of the year.

And yet at the same time there are plans for thousands of homes on Arpley Meadows (Warrington Guardian, August 2) and for a large new Eddie Stobart depot.

So how can all this be?

Will we ever see a local plan or will all this development go ahead regardless?

I am genuinely fearful for how the town may look in the future.

I drove through Great Sankey for the first time in a few months the other day to see hundreds of houses on the former United Utilities site and at the back of Great Sankey High School.

While more are being built near to Barrow Hall Primary School.

So it shows how quickly these things can progress.

I hope we all get the chance to protest again before any more plans are passed.

Because I worry with these delaying tactics that they are just trying to put people off from protesting and hope the bad feeling dies down.

But from my experience, it won’t do.

BRIAN BLISTER Stockton Heath