SO the Government has finally come to its senses (Warrington Guardian, August 2).

I say finally, I actually mean after just one week it scrapped its plans to allow sex offenders into Thorn Cross.

Surely heads should roll after this one?

If they were willing to go back on the decision so quickly, it must be pretty clear that it was completely the wrong idea in the first place.

Having the prison over the road from the school and then allowing sex offenders in would have been so dangerous.

Does nobody in London own a map?

I cannot believe this was not seriously thought about before a decision was made.

One look would have given a clear idea that this was among the worst ideas possible.

Now the dust has settled what of the previous commitment about the site?

Will they again say that sex offenders will never be housed in Appleton Thorn?

And this time, will they agree to it and make a firm commitment they won’t go back on?

I hope so because the past couple of weeks have been a shambles.

But I won’t hold my breath.

I just hope that now we won’t be left in this position again.