NEW artworks depicting famous Warringtonians have been installed at Padgate Station.

The Friends of Padgate Station have commissioned paintings on the windows of the platform building depicting Pete Postlethwaite, Chris Evans, Kerry Katona and Burt Kwouk sat in the waiting room.

Artist Rachelle Cleary had previously completed similar works at Irlam Station.

WATCH: Friends of Padgate Station chairman Bob McLaughlan gives a guided tour of the new artworks

Bob McLaughlan, chairman of the Friends of Padgate Station, said: “We’re absolutely delighted with how they’ve turned out.

“We thought they would be good, because we knew how talented Rachelle is.

“Because it was so hot, she did have problems finishing them off as the paint was drying as soon as she put it on.

“But she’s a lovely lady and an absolute superstar.”

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The paintings also pay homage to Padgate’s past - featuring nods to RAF Padgate, the world wars and the old station clock.

And a special tribute to Chris Evans’ mum Minnie Beardsall is also featured after her death at the age of 92 earlier this year.

Bob added: “Chris Evans’ mother sadly passed away a few weeks ago, so we thought that while Chris was up we would put his mother up too as she’s well-known throughout Warrington.

“RAF Padgate was about 300 yards away from the station and it was the largest RAF training centre in Britain - anybody that was in the RAF probably got trained there.

“Every week there would be 5,000 people coming in, and 5,000 people going out.

“We also have one of the RAF officers kissing goodbye to his wife and son during the war years and our wonderful clock - we still have the original in pieces.”

Rachelle also featured Bob as the station master in the paintings, against his knowledge.

He said: “I was conned - Rochelle said she was no good at painting hands and she wanted me to hold a ticket.

“I sat down, held the ticket as if I was giving it to someone and she took a photograph.

“Six months later, I was the station master - it was very flattering."

Padgate Station is now boasting new shelters on the platform opposite the main building, with plans for a cafe also afoot.