TODAY is International Cat Day and by the look of our Facebook page yesterday, Warrington is full of cat lovers.

It's thought the 24-hour celebration of felines first took place in 2002 thanks to the IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

An estimated 500 million cats are thought to be frolicking in neighbours’ gardens across the world.

We asked readers to send in any cute or funny pictures of their pet and we were flooded with photographs.

We have picked out just a few for you below but there's still time to send in yours by clicking on the form at the bottom of this story.


Rosie Sampson: This is Balou! Who’s currently on recovery from a dog attack a couple of weeks ago. After pierced lung, clean cut broken rib and chest bone he’s still adorable as ever. Vet said even with £12,000 surgery he won’t make it.. but here he is!


Carrie Morgan: This is Ginger having a duvet day


Fiona Cullen: Here is Iris


Anthony Poole: This is Jiffy he's named after Jonathan Davis. His interests are T.V adverts, food and catching and eating flies


Owner Jim Smith has clearly got his hands full!


Barry Jones: I cannot emphasise enough just how difficult it is to get all 4 kittys to pose together for a photo


Emma Humphreys: This is señor Pablo - a Norwegian forest cat


Stephanie Powell: Paddy my 5 year old Persian


Jenna Appleton: Toby watching his favourite YouTube channel


Emma Greatbanks: This is Ziggy he spends most of his time looking this gormless

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