A POPULAR fish and chip shop is set to be renamed - and it wants your suggestions for its new moniker.

Papa's Fish and Chips has been bought out by new owners who are looking to rebrand the School Brow eatery, and suggestions are being sought from the public for a new name for the restaurant.

The creator of the chosen name will win a free meal for two at the chip shop.

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Dimitri Menicou, who took over the business in February, said: "It's taken a bit of time to get the place back into shape and organised, but we have new staff and a good team here.

"This used to be a very popular place for people to come and enjoy their fish and chips, but in the last year or so the place was managed badly.

"The business has suffered from that, but now we've got a whole new team under new management and new ownership "We've now turned it around, and we're adding additional things to our restaurant to complement what we're doing already."

The rebranded chip shop boasts locally-sourced cod and haddock, as well as chips now cooked in sunflower oil rather than beef dripping.

Dimitri added: "Once upon a time Papa's was a good place to eat, but we just want to start again now and move away from the past.

"Everything so far has been positive and we're going in the right direction - we have had a lot of complements on the food.

"That why we're asking the public for their help to rename the shop."

To give your name suggestions, click here.