IT was Christmas Eve 2016 when Debbie Parry received the news that would change her and her son's lives forever.

Seven months earlier, Dean had been rushed to hospital suffering from chest pains and was told almost immediately that he would need a kidney transplant.

The 32-year-old was only born with one kidney, which had failed.

Debbie, from Great Sankey, said: "We didn't know that he was only born with one kidney until he was six, when he started getting convulsions.

"He'd never been ill with it before, so it was a great shock for the family and himself when he went into hospital.

"He's a bit of a boy racer, and when he went into hospital I thought he'd crashed his car or something.

"But straight away he was put onto dialysis - it was life-threatening.

"It was such a traumatic time, it was completely life-changing."

The 56-year-old had no hesitation in volunteering to donate one of her own kidneys to Dean, and underwent months of tests before receiving the fateful call telling her that the procedure could go ahead.

Grandma-of-one Debbie said: "The doctors asked me if I was willing to do it, even if there was a risk, and I said yes - because he's my son and I'd do anything for him.

"He kept saying to me all along that I didn't need to do this, but I had to do it - I told him that when he has his own child he will realise why.

"It seemed like it took forever to get the results and then I got the phone call on Christmas Eve.

"I couldn't believe it - I wouldn't have been able to get through Christmas without knowing.

"All along I had prayed that I could do it - I felt like I had won the lottery."

The pair underwent their operations at the Manchester Royal Infirmary on August 10 2017, and will celebrate the first anniversary of the transplant today, Friday, by going out for dinner.

Debbie added: "He's really on the mend, so now we can really celebrate it.

"Everyone was saying that I was being brave, but it had to be done.

"Sometimes I even forget about what I did - it's not until you see the scar and you remember.

"His girlfriend wanted to throw a party for the anniversary but Dean doesn't like a fuss, and it will be nice just to go for a meal with him.

"He's achieved so much this year - he's bought a new house and did a skydive to raise £3,000 for the kidney unit, because he's got this chance to live and do everything he can.

"He had a little bit of me up there with him.

"There are people who are on the list for years, but there is always hope if you keep strong.

"It's a nice, happy ending and I was so proud to be able to do it."