MP Faisal Rashid has reflected on the 'memorable moments' from his first year in Parliament – 12 months on from his shock General Election victory.

The Labour politician stunned Tory David Mowat to snatch the Warrington South seat after winning 29,994 votes when the public went to the polls in June last year.

As well as dealing with queries related to the local plan, Western Link and Mersey Gateway Bridge tolls, Mr Rashid has also frequently raised his voice on a range of national issues.

According to, he has almost always voted for more EU integration but has never backed a reduction in central Government funding for local authorities.

The parliamentary monitoring website adds that he has voted in a below-average 78.66 per cent of votes in this Parliament, received answers to 36 written questions and spoken in 24 debates in the past year.

Amusingly, he has used three-word alliterative phrases 12 times in debates.

But the former Mayor of Warrington is yet to rebel against Labour in Westminster.

While reflecting on the past 12 months, Mr Rashid said the 'most rewarding' aspect of the job is being 'entrusted' to help his constituents in any way he can.

He added: "It is an honour and a privilege to represent Warrington South in Westminster and I have enjoyed every minute of my first year as a Member of Parliament.

"There have been so many memorable moments.

"Of course, finding out on election night that I would be representing Warrington South in Westminster was a night that I will never forget.

"And taking my seat in Parliament and making my maiden speech were very special moments for me.

"However, the most important part of being the Member of Parliament for Warrington South is not about my memorable moments, it is about what I am doing to help the people and communities I represent.

“In my first weeks as an MP, I received a huge number of e-mails and letters from people in need.

“Being contacted by such a large number of constituents about so many issues immediately after my election has really resonated with me.

"I was staggered by the sheer volume of issues raised.

"Many of the issues have been urgent.

"It became clear very quickly that people are finding life tough and many are struggling to make ends meet.

"It made me more determined than ever to ensure that I do whatever I can both locally and in Westminster to speak out for my constituents, to fight for Warrington South and to oppose the reckless and damaging policies of this Conservative Government.

"One of the most frustrating things about serving in this Parliament is being in Opposition and having to witness the sheer incompetence of the Government as it staggers from one crisis to the next, while Warrington South constituents suffer at the expense of continuing Government failure.

"Throughout the year I have spoken out in Parliament on a number of key issues for our town – including on public sector pay, demanding action to resolve the social care crisis, calling for the Mersey Gateway tolls to be scrapped, speaking out on homelessness and opposing NHS privatisation.

"There are so many issues facing our town and I will continue to speak out on these in Westminster.

"I am working hard every day to repay the trust that voters in Warrington South placed in me when they elected me on June 8.

"I remain as committed to my constituents today as the day I was elected as their MP and I will continue to fight as hard as I can to get the very best for Warrington South."