WARRINGTON has been named as one of the luckiest places in the UK by the National Lottery.

Lottery operator Camelot has revealed the number of winners in the town to celebrate making its 5,000th millionaire.

Nationally, more than 40,000 people have won more than £50,000 on National Lottery games since 1994.

And this includes a total of 498 people from the Warrington area – including 60 who have scooped £1m or more.

Among them were John and Patricia Gill, from the town centre, who won £1m in a Euromillions raffle draw on Christmas Day in 2015.

John and Patricia bought their ticket just an hour before the draw was due to take place.

The couple have two children, and they say that the lottery win has allowed that to ‘give them the best ever start in life’.

They have also enjoyed exotic holidays and been ‘fulfilling their bucket list’ thanks to winning the jackpot.

Andy Carter, senior winners’ advisor for the National Lottery, said: “The winners’ team here at Camelot travel the length and breadth of the country of the country paying out lucky winners every day.

“It is no surprise to me to see how lucky Warrington has been and I’m sure I’ll be back there soon with another giant cheque.”