A DAD has called for action after his five-year-old daughter suffered a broken leg when she was hit by a car in Longford.

Savannah Repon-Oba fractured her tibia and fibula after she was knocked down on Northway at around 3.30pm on Monday, June 4.

The youngster was playing on her scooter in the street during the school holidays when she was run over.

Dad Stuart Repon-Ness said: “The kids were on holiday, so they were all playing out - I was just about to start marking dinner and she was outside with her older brothers on her scooter.

“Then I heard one of the boys screaming ‘daddy, come outside’.

“I ran out and there was a crowd around her - she was screaming.

“Within a few minutes the ambulance was there and we were off to hospital.

“She was kept in Warrington Hospital overnight and she’s been put in a full cast up to her hip.

“Her lower leg has basically broken in half, and she’s in a serious state mentally as well.”

Stuart, who lives on nearby Locker Avenue, believes that action should be taken to address the problem of persistent speeding on Northway.

The ex-soldier, who now works as a physio, has called for speed bumps or cameras to be installed along the route in order to prevent further accidents.

He added: “We need to stop people speeding down this road - it’s a 20mph road, but people bomb it down there because there are no ramps or cameras to stop them from doing it.

“They need to install speed cameras or speed bumps or both, because there are a lot of children who play on that road.

“There is a park in between the one-way system on Northway, so kids are always crossing it.

“Kids are always playing along this road, but the motorbikes and cars are still speeding down there.

“The speed that some people drive down there is just stupid - some of them, especially the motorbikes, are going a lot faster than 40mph and they’re certainly not doing 20mph.

“Savannah is lucky to be alive and I don’t want any other child to be hit along the road.

“It will take a child to get killed before anything is done.”

The Warrington Guardian would like to clarify that the driver involved in this incident is not believed to have been speeding.

To report concerns about speeding on a road, click here.