A MOTORCYCLIST who fitted his bike with blue flashing lights has denied masquerading as a police officer.

David Nolan, from Seaforth, was fined £80 on Friday at Warrington Magistrates’ Court after pleading guilty to using a vehicle on which a warning beacon emitting blue light was used in a prohibited manner.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) offered no further evidence after the 44-year pleaded not guilty to intending to deceive and impersonate a member of the police force.

The court heard how a mum was travelling along Longshaw Street at 2pm on February 21 with her daughter in the car when she noticed a bike with blue flashing lights on the handle bars.

It was her belief that it was a member of the emergency services so she pulled over.

Adam Till, prosecuting, said: “At no point did he [Nolan] say he was a police officer and there was nothing else in respect of identification stating ‘police’ or anything of that nature.

“But it’s fair to say the driver was not happy of the content of the conversation with the male and did not agree with what he was saying about her conduct and her driving.

“The defendant left the scene with nothing further taking place and the police were contacted.”

An investigation was launched and police tracked down Nolan, who has previously been convicted of fitting a vehicle with a blue warning light in 2015 and wearing an item which said ‘police mechanic’ in 2014.

Nolan was arrested and his Kawasaki motorcycle was seized.

Colin Rawson, defending, told the court how Nolan has a low IQ, dyslexia and learning difficulties.

He added: “He [Nolan] accepts that it is illegal to ride any vehicle that has a blue warning and flashing light and I have given him some strong words of advice.”

The panel of magistrates ruled that Nolan must pay an £80 fine as well as £85 in costs and a £35 victim surcharge.