WARRINGTON North MP Helen Jones believes that more can be done to bring faster internet speeds to areas on the outskirts of the town.

Around 50 additional homes and businesses in Croft have recently benefitted from works to improve telecommunications cabinet 18 on Stone Pitt Lane in Croft, meaning that they will now be able to access fibre broadband.

And while Mrs Jones has welcomed the news of improvements, she has stated that the position is ‘far from satisfactory’ - with many other residents in areas including Croft, Culcheth, Burtonwood and Winwick still experiencing slow internet speeds.

She said: “This news, albeit affecting a small number of properties, is to be welcomed.

“Sadly, the rollout of fibre broadband has been slow in Croft and other areas such as Burtonwood, Winwick and Culcheth.

“Some progress has been made, but the position is still far from satisfactory.

“Having fibre broadband is crucial for many businesses, people who work from home and individuals.

“People still either receive or don’t receive the service depending on which cabinet serves their home or business - a cabinet-code, rather than a postcode, method of selection.

“It remains my view that BT should be aiming to upgrade every cabinet and provide a universal service rather than leaving some cabinets because they do not meet the supplier’s commercial criteria”