PLANS to build a Bewsey and Dallam Community Hub appear to be back on track – despite a £1 million plus shortfall to deliver the project.

A groundbreaking ceremony for the facility was held on the land, off Longshaw Street, back in March 2016.

But no construction work has taken place on the site ever since.

The hub – proposed to include a fitness suite, library, pool and healthcare services – was originally given a planned opening date of summer 2017.

At the Town Hall on Tuesday, the executive board approved the development and scope of the scheme once again.

It will now be managed by Warrington & Co, rather than LiveWire as previously agreed.

LiveWire had committed to providing £300,000 towards it, but this money is no longer available.

The last tender process concluded in September 2016, with the lowest tender totalling £2.62 million.

Following the process, an estimated overall project cost of £3.295 million was set.

However, the tender is no longer considered 'valid' and it has been deemed necessary to undertake 'a new competitive procurement process to accurately forecast' the cost of delivering the facility.

It could take up to six months to complete.

Deputy council leader Cllr Russ Bowden said it is not currently possible to provide 'an accurate outturn cost' because of the time that has elapsed since the last tender exercise.

But the figure is expected to be higher than the previous £3.295 million estimate due to 'construction price inflation and costs associated with project risks'.

Total funding currently committed to the scheme stands at £2.15 million, with Sport England to provide £450,000, and potentially an additional £50,000.

It means that funding for the delivery of the project is at least £1.145 million short.

The council confirmed the executive board will be asked to award the construction contract, approve the budget and approve the business case and operating model for the site 'at a later date'.

The authority will also approach the NHS to secure financial support towards it.

Cllr Bowden believes 'the case' for a hub with health and wellbeing facilities in the area 'is quite clear'.

Council leader Cllr Terry O'Neill added: "This is something that really is welcome and we really need to make sure we do something with one of our most deprived communities.

"It is something we should be grateful for – that we have a commitment for this funding in place to deliver a proper community hub for residents of Bewsey and Dallam.

"I think we are getting a very good reputation for delivering this type of hub.

"It is really important that we deliver these types of facilities."