AMATEUR artists form Sue Cartwright’s art classes held at the Olive Tree in Penketh are supporting this year’s Purquoise Day art auction.

The event aims to raise money to support charities Mind and CRY (Cardiac Risk in the Young).

The campaign and the anniversary day is inspired by Bobbie Black who died aged 23 when she lost her battle with her mental health problems. In 2016, Martin Wailes, a close friend of Bobbie’s died unexpectedly from Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, due to an undiagnosed heart condition.

The idea of Purquoise comes originally from Bobbie’s mum Sarah Jane, using Bobbie’s favourite colours, purple and turquoise, and has been created in memory of Bobbie, Martin and other young people who have died too early.

The colours have inspired Sue Cartwright’s art groups to create work with the purquoise theme.

Local gallery and picture framers Pictures have also got involved supporting with framing and mounting the work for the auction.

One of Sue’s art group members is a friend of Martin’s mum and initiated the group’s involvement to help raise money for these causes.

They strive to improve awareness of mental health issues and offer screening and awareness to identify heart problems so that other families do not have to experience the same trauma as Martin’s family have been through.

Even though the auction is to be held in the North East, anyone can get involved by bidding for the art work on the website,

More than 50 pieces in total have been donated by artists across the country.