TAKE a trip down memory lane to read about some of the stories that were hitting the headlines 100, 50 and 25 years ago in the newspaper.

100 years ago

Thunderstorms lasting 11 hours struck parts of the north west as a ‘phenomenal’ amount of rain fell across Warrington and the surrounding regions.

Warrington received an inch of rainfall in the 11-hour spell compared to the 22 inches a year that fell on average at the time.

Following the thunderstorms, Warrington was greeted by a spell of warmer weather, with temperatures reaching 86 degrees Fahrenheit.

50 years ago

The Queen was given a ‘very wonderful’ reception as she visited Warrington on one leg of a tour of the north west.

HRH was in town for 20 minutes – 10 minutes longer than planned – as she examined the results of Operation Springclean, an initiative set up to clean up the region.

The Queen’s tour of Warrington began in Market Gate, where she was introduced to the town’s Mayor and Mayoress.

She then travelled up Winwick Road before heading down Bridge Street and finishing her tour of the town via Rylands Street, Winmarleigh Street, Sankey Street and Liverpool Road.

Spectators in their thousands lined the streets on either side of the royal route, while many took to balconies and window ledges to catch a sight of the Queen.

The Queen was very impressed with what she saw in Warrington, although she was particularly fond of Bridge Street. She said that the varied designs of buildings down the street was ‘exceptionally beautiful’.

25 years ago

A quick-thinking Penketh man saved the life of a 96-year-old woman when he pulled her from her burning home.

Darren Gingell rescued pensioner Jane Turnbull when he saw smoke pouring from her home on Greystone Road.

The brave 23-year-old, of Lynton Close, was cycling to work at 5am when he spotted the fire and alerted the emergency services before rushing in to save her.

Mrs Turnbull was taken to Warrington Hospital and treated for smoke inhalation and shock.