A ONE-hour documentary which delves into the long-term health risks associated with toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences will be shown at Warrington Odeon.

The Warrington ‘Resilience’ initiative will be starting with the film ‘Resilience: The Biology of Stress and the Science of Hope’ on May 14, at 3,30pm.

After the film a discussion on ‘how can we respond practically to the insights the film offers’ will take place.

Host Judy James wanted to start the initiative to address the long-term public heath of toxic stress and adverse childhood experiences.

Judy heads ‘Emotion Focus’ – A coaching, training and therapy practice dedicated to seeing people thrive and feel good, based on Bold Street in the town centre.

Judy said: “I genuinely believe that the findings of the research study that exposure to Toxic Stress and ACEs not only affects behaviour, emotion regulation and mental health, but also predicts susceptibility to heart disease, cancer, stroke and other physical health conditions, provides vital information to help us re-shape future provision of health, social care and support services.”

Judy has met with Warrington South MP Faisal Rashid on multiple occasions to discuss support for multi-agency collaboration in Warrington, as is happening now in other boroughs across the UK.

She added: “I am passionate about enabling Warrington to become ACE-aware, starting with a series of education initiatives for professionals from the key agencies and public-sector organisations.”

This film is also of interest to agencies that work in the fields of Youth Justice, Probation, domestic abuse, and drug and alcohol misuse.

You can see the widely-acclaimed documentary on Monday, May 14 from 3.30pm until 5.20pm at the Odeon in Westbrook.

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