OVER the past few weeks in Yester Years we have been talking about the eras of picture houses and dance halls in Warrington.

And plenty of you have been in touch to share your memories.

Reg Dobson wrote in as he lived near to the Pavilion Cinema on Lovely Lane.

He would go with his mother to Saturday matinees.

Meanwhile Colin Bowden, from Orford, also looks back on the Pavilion fondly.

He said: “I remember going as a youngster with some mates and getting in through the back doors by one of the lads who was the only one who paid. This allowed us more money for the ice creams and toffees.”

Another residents who lived in Warrington through the war years remembers the queues for cinemas in the town.

They said: “If you wanted to see a film at The Ritz on a Sunday night the queue was all around the building.

“If you went to the Grand cinema at Bridge Foot (as it was known then) you had to be prepared to shake in your seat if and when a train went by as it was next to a railway line.

“At one time the film ‘broke down’ and everyone got their money back – those were the days! Yes there was plenty to keep the young people occupied. Even during the war years.”

And they also recalled the dance halls.

“I remember dancing the night away at lots of different venues – the Parr Hall, the Baths Hall, the Co-op Hall and Bell Hall. All held dances on Saturday nights and some during midweek,” they said.

“All had big bands too, no discos with records, looking their best and very civilised, having a great time. No alcohol on the premises, only tea and biscuits at the interval.

“Christmas and new year were special and we always got tickets weeks in advance if you wanted to get in.”

Finally Christine Nestor got in touch to remember her dad Dougie Burton who played the trumpet at the Baths Hall with a band called the Astorians.

She said: “A few of his band mates included Tommy Roughley, Jeff Poole, Jimmy Wheeler on sax, Neville Bradley (ex school teacher), Billy Cooper and Fred Johnson, who owned Johnsons hairdressers, on bass.”

  •  She would be keen to know if any of his bandmates are still around. Email us via newsdesk@guardiangrp.co.uk.