WARRINGTON is the UK's 13th most watched town with 155 cameras according to research by RS Components.

The company has released the UK's CCTV hotspots to shine a light on the local authorities that have installed the most cameras.

Warrington has more CCTV cameras than Newcastle upon Tyne, York and Oxford and four cameras less than Sheffield.

For every one camera in Warrington there are 1,347 people.

A spokesman for RS Components said: "This research aims to shine a spotlight on the cities, towns and London Boroughs in the UK that have the most CCTV cameras registered by their local authorities.

"The piece also looks at the population of each of these hotspots to open up the question as to why certain areas have more cameras despite having less people?"

The council has been contacted for a comment but has yet to respond.

The top 10 most watched towns:

1. Woking - 691

2. Swindon - 606

3. Wigan - 547

4. Bexley - 261

5. Ipswich - 228

6. Guildford - 227

7. Bolton - 225

8. Bournemouth - 224

9. Sutton - 184

10. Middlesbrough - 181

Warrington was listed in 13th place