THE Tory candidate in the Lymm South borough council by-election has accused Labour of attempting to hold residents to 'ransom'.

Stephen Taylor highlighted text featured on Labour's latest publication in the village, which states 'only a Labour vote will give you a strong and effective voice that will make a difference when decisions are made at the Town Hall'.

He added: "Clearly, this puts a line in the sand for Labour and strongly suggests that they have not made those decisions previously because Lymm does not have a Labour councillor.

"Labour have been punishing Lymm residents for voting freely.

"I would urge residents not to let the Warrington Labour administration hold them to ransom in this way."

Mr Taylor also claimed that a vote for the Conservatives 'will build a more effective opposition', while allowing for decisions at the Town Hall to be 'scrutinised, not simply waved through'.

But Labour candidate Trish Cockayne said the Tories are 'clearly rattled' – and she believes Mr Taylor living outside of Lymm 'is not going down well with villagers'.

She added: "I live in Lymm South and I am proud and passionate about our community.

"I work hard as a local volunteer and I am a committed anti-poverty campaigner with Warrington Foodbank.

"Vote for Labour this time to ensure that Lymm finally gets an authentic and strong local voice, both here in the village and on Warrington Borough Council.

"All the Tories are offering in this by-election is an outsider parachuted in, just to maintain the status quo of what they themselves describe as 'ineffective opposition'.

"Tory austerity has caused homelessness, child poverty and has made many people's futures more precarious.

"Meanwhile, they've imposed huge cuts to the services we all rely on.

"On April 19 you have the chance to cast a vote for change and effective representation on Warrington Borough Council.

"Be part of that change."

The pair will battle Thursday's by-election against Liberal Democrat Anna Fradgley, UKIP's James Ashington and the Green Party's Michael Wass.