DISCOVER the fascinating history of RAF Burtonwood at two lectures this month.

THE RAF was formed as the world’s first independent air force on April 1, 1918.

RAF Burtonwood opened on April 1, 1940, as an aircraft receipt, maintenance and repair unit and immediately started issuing Spitfires into squadrons fighting in the Battle of Britain.  

Aldon Ferguson, from RAF Burtonwood Association, will host two lectures in April to discuss the history of the base which quickly grew in size and was sending more than 150 aircraft per month to the frontline.  

He said: “After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour the United States Army Air Corps (USAAF ) needed bases in Britain, especially maintenance bases.

“Burtonwood was ideal as it was near Liverpool docks and a reasonable distance away from marauding German bombers.

“Burtonwood grew to become the largest and busiest US air base in Britain and played a pivotal role in wining Second World War.

“It was home to more than 18,000 US military personnel and had a lasting impact on the north west of England.  At the end of hostilities Burtonwood was the last USAAF base in Britain to close and was handed back to the RAF in mid 1946. 

“Around two years later the Americans agreed with the British Government to base bombers on British soil as a deterrent to the Soviet threat of aggression.  

“Burtonwood again sprung to the forefront and was reoccupied and massively extended, supporting first the Berlin Air Lift and then the bombers here on temporary duty.  

“The Americans stayed until 1993 and these two lectures tell the entire story from beginning to end.”

The first lecture on Monday covers the period from the opening to the end of Second World War.

The second session on April 23 is the story of Burtonwood in the Cold War when occupied by both the USAF and US Army.

The lectures will held at Gulliver’s Hotel in Old Hall.

The lectures are free to RAF Burtonwood Association members but there is a charge of £10 for both lectures to non-members.  

Doors open at 7pm will be finished by 10pm.

The lectures will be illustrated by photos and video clips.

Previous lectures were oversubscribed, and entry is restricted to pre-booked tickets only.  

For details and to book you place email Aldon on