EIGHT-year-old Isabelle Briggs dreams of the day when she will be able to do the things that most children take for granted.

The schoolgirl, from Orford, is desperate to play with her friends and take part in PE classes but she needs help to turn her hopes into a reality.

Mum Michelle Thompson said: “She is such a caring, loving girl who just wants to do what all kids want to do and that is explore the world and play with her friends.

“Isabelle only has a wheelchair fit for transport.

“She cannot go out to play at school due to the inappropriate wheelchair. 

“We can’t take her many places due to a lack of transport. I am saving as much as I can as I have five children.”

Michelle first started to worry shortly after her daughter arrived in the world as her foot appeared to be bent.

But any major worries were dismissed by doctors who said the 11-month-old toddler would be fine as it was ‘just milk bone’.

Mum Michelle tried to remain hopeful but the problems persisted and despite repeated trips to the doctors the family were unable to get a diagnosis.

Isabelle was only able to walk on her tip toes and couldn’t flatten her left foot. 

By the time she was seven, Isabelle was in pain as she tried to ‘hobble’ along.

Writing on an online blog with the help of her mum, Isabelle said: “ In September I got worse and, even though the doctors were trying to help me, there was still no treatment and only tests.

“No-one knew what was wrong. 

“My mummy was sat in a room with me when my doctor said that the old scar tissue on my brain indicated a silent stroke when I was born.

“Although I have mentally recovered from it, my progressive physical disorder could have been treated years ago. 

“I am now in a wheelchair and need operations. But not only am I stuck in my wheelchair I don’t even have a proper one.

“I have a travel wheelchair and I am not allowed to play outside at school with my friends.

“My friends treat me different and I can’t even do PE.

“I have to take medication because I can’t handle the pain anymore.”

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