REPAIR and refurbishment work to Warrington's iconic Golden Gates – which could cost more than £500,000 – will be completed following a 'tough decision' from the executive board amid austerity measures.

Members unanimously approved the funding and awarded the contract for the work at their Town Hall meeting on Monday.

The structure will be 'dismantled' ahead of a detailed inspection, with the project having the potential to rise to more than £500,000.

Cllr Dan Price, executive board member for culture and partnerships, said: "I welcome this much-needed refurbishment to our iconic gates.

"I think it is especially important that, during austerity, we are taking tough decisions like this to ensure work does not become more costly in years to come.

"The public would be rightly outraged if our Golden Gates were not invested in and protected.

"It is something that gives the people of this town an incredible sense of pride."