THE Torus Group is in discussions over a potential 'amalgamation' with Liverpool Mutual Homes.

It is understood a merger plan is in place for the housing organisations.

The Torus Group was formed in 2015 and is a combination between housing authorities Helena Partnerships, based in St Helens, and Warrington-based Golden Gates Housing Trust.

The source, calling themselves a ‘concerned whistleblower’ expressed worries this would 'see the end of much loved local companies' and see 'control' pass to the senior managers in Liverpool Mutual Homes.

They claimed that such a move would be 'bad news for Warrington and St Helens' and would result in 'funding decisions' being made by 'staff based in Liverpool' with local customers a 'second priority'. They expressed alarm that 'Warrington and St Helens will lose its influence in a key local employer'.

A spokesman for Torus said that there are early stage discussions taking place over a possible amalgamation.

They said: “North West Housing Groups Torus and Liverpool Mutual Homes are in talks about the possibility of amalgamating the two organisations.

“Discussions are at an early stage and decisions have yet to be made by the respective boards.

“If the boards support the potential amalgamation full consultation will be undertaken with customers and key stakeholders.

“When we founded the Torus group, three years ago, it was with the ambition to grow, to safeguard our existing services and activities and to strengthen our influence on the regional economy.”

The spokesman added: “We are committed to St Helens and Warrington, our customers and the communities we serve. This resolve hasn’t altered.

“Should it progress, an amalgamation with LMH will give us even greater financial capacity to realise our initial ambitions to deliver better, more customer-focused services; invest in local communities and neighbourhoods and build more homes.

“It is anticipated that a final decision will be announced over the next few months.”