BEWSEY Lodge Primary School has received a letter from the schools minister after it was named among the best in the country.

The primary school, based in Lodge Lane, has been rated among the top two per cent of schools in the country in the progress its pupils make between joining at key stage one and leaving the school at the end of key stage two.

Pupils demonstrated a very high standard in reading, writing and maths.

Head teacher Emma Wright hopes this achievement will inspire young people in the Bewsey community.

Emma said: “I am incredibly proud of the staff and children who work very hard and I’m thrilled for their families.

“All of our children have demonstrated fantastic progress.

"This data includes our children who are in designated provisions and the progress mirrors the attainment in reading, writing and maths which are also above national averages.”

Designated provision helps the bottom one per cent of pupils through their education with closer support.

Emma added: “Although this data shows progress between the ages of seven and 11, the students are making outstanding progress from age two onwards.

"We are celebrating our pupils’ entire journey through Bewsey Primary as they leave us ready for high school.”

Designated provision manager, Emma Stringer, added: “We took on the designated provision programme and we celebrate the children’s achievements within it. Sadly, the league tables do not reflect their progress fairly.

“We celebrate all aspects of children’s progress and attainment and we are delighted this letter recognises this.”