TWO Warrington women have made the Suffragette Spirit Map of Britain, celebrating their work in the community - 100 years on from women first winning the vote.

Dawn Vago and Linsey Williams, are among almost 250 women, who have gained a place on the Amnesty International UK list, a campaign which has been a month in the making.

It saw the human rights organisation work with newspaper groups across the country, to find the unsung heroes of today who are continuing the suffragette spirit.

Linsey, who runs Dolly’s Haberdashery and Sewing school on Academy Way, made the list for her sustainable living ethos and ongoing campaign work.

She combines activism and crafts and has arranged peaceful demonstrations urging companies, such as Marks and Spencers, to set the standard and pay a living wage.

The 43-year-old, from Orford, has also campaigned for customers of large coffee chains to take their own reusable cup.

On news of making the Suffragette Spirit Map of Britain, Linsey said: "I've not told anyone without crying yet - it is a real big deal.

"Dolly's has become so much more than a sewing school, it is an empowering, feminist environment.

"I have a suffragette tattoo and I think I would have been one 100 years ago."

The Suffragette Spirit Map of Britain, shows how women around the country are tackling a wide range of issues, including setting up support groups to aid refugees, tackling the issues surrounding domestic abuse and setting up initiatives to tackle bullying in schools - to name a few.

Dawn is the co-director and educational coordinator of Intersex UK - a campaign to end Intersex genital mutilation and unnecessary surgeries on children.

She has also made the Suffragette Spirit Map of Britain raising awareness and policy change by using positive role modelling to show that an Intersex life can be a happy and healthy one.

On seeing the map, Helen Pankhurst, great-granddaughter of Emmeline Pankhurst and granddaughter of Sylvia Pankhurst, who founded the Suffragette movement said: "As we celebrate International Women’s Day, there is no better time to launch this map and push these incredible women into the spotlight to be praised and recognised for their work.

"I imagine if the suffrage campaigners of old, including my great-grandmother Emmeline and grandmother Sylvia, could see Amnesty's map, they would be extraordinarily moved. Because while together they helped set a precedent for women taking action, I doubt they would have known what their irrepressible drive and attitude would resonate 100 years later – and give visibility to women who are standing up and promoting human rights in such a varied and all-encompassing way."

The Suffragette Spirit campaign is part of Amnesty's wider Brave campaign, that launched last year to highlight the dangers facing human rights defenders around the world and afford them better protection.

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